Jesper Haynes books for sale:

Many of these titles are available at MoMA PS1, MoMA (downtown store), The Whitney Museum of American Art, Dashwood books, Strand book store, St. Mark's bookshop, BookMarc (New York, LA, London, Paris and Tokyo), Konst-ig (Stockholm), Kathmandu Gallery (Bangkok), Colette (Paris), SoBooks (Tokyo) OnSundays (Tokyo) or order directly from me or click on  the links under the first three titles, enjoy!

 St. Marks 1986-2006


John Lurie and Francesco Clemente at MK's 1989


Come and check out my New York Darkroom installation in this great group show

OUTLAW ARTS Presents: "The 21st Precinct"

Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24 
1-6 PM
327 East 22nd Street. 
Contributing Artists:
Adam Dare, Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP, Bad Pedestrian, Ben Angotti , Bill Claps, Bishop203, Bunny M., Cash4, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, Coby Kennedy, Curtis Kulig, D. Gaja, Danielle Mastrion, Dasic, Dizmology, Duel, ELLE, Erasmo, Esteban del Valle, Faust, Ghost, GIZ, Hellbent, Hue, Icy & Sot, Iena Cruz, Jesper Haynes, Justin Carty, Ket, Lexi Bella, Li-Hall, Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren, Mr. Toll, N. Carlos Jay, Nepo, Nick Tengri, Pesu, Phil, Pixote, RAE, Rambo, Ricardo Cabret, SAE, Savior Elmundo, Shery-o & The Yok, Shiro, Tone Tank, URNY, Vexta, X-O.


Gallery OneTwentyEight
July 5-July 26 128 Rivington Street, New York
with Kazuko Miyamoto, Jesper Haynes, Akemi Kateda, Ayako Bando, Tomoko Fujiki, Mo Nami, 
Fumiko Kashiwagi, Yuko K, Haruko Mochimaru, Mieko Mitachi, Yuko Horiguchi, Yuko Kubota and others...


Views from 404 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 

at KATA Gallery

Liquid Room, Ebisu, Tokyo.

May 6-9


Gallery OneTwentyEight   November 13-24, 2013


My new show opens Friday April 26-May 6, Kata Gallery, Liquid Room, Ebisu, Tokyo. From 8 PM until very late, I'll be there all day Saturday as well, hope to see you there!

A Photo Exhibition by Jesper Haynes
Kata Tokyo April 26-May 6, 2013.

 I have always loved my life and I love inviting my subjects into the celebration of being alive and loving and abundance.
I never understood why people complain and spread negative feelings so I chose to photograph from a place of love.
Have you ever woken up and felt like you just love everybody and everything?
This feeling propels me and compels me to connect to any stranger.
This is the heart of my photography.

2013.04.26  -  2013.05.06



Opening EVENT
entrance fee 500yen(with 1drink)

◎2013/4/27()5/6(月祝) 13:00-21:00
入場無料 連動イベント時、別途入場料


Jesper Haynes   04/01/2013



Come to Moose, Bangkok, Ekkemai Soi 21, Friday April 5, 7.30 PM until late... Opening of my tribute to Gig Groceries and the Bangkok Indie Art and Music scene.

Moose has enough reasons for you to drop by on a Friday evening (Do we have to remind you of their happy hours?) but this coming Friday they will have something that will tickle your retinas too. It is ten years that Gig groceries closed its doors on us and while one can't but feel dismayed and broken-hearted when some of our most dear haunts leave us, we must always keep the memories, pack one’s friends and move on. If something can be said about Jesper Haynes is that his photography is truly soulful, and that it is very difficult to draw a line between his existence and his pictures, and that is the take he is giving us on Gig groceries. If you were ever there it will put a smile on your face. If you were not, you will wish you had. / Le Cool

12 years ago I came across a bar on Sukhumvit soi 16, its name was Gig groceries; it was love at first sight/taste, it became my favorite place to hang out in Bangkok.
It lasted little over 2 years but its impact is still with us today.

This is a tribute to Bangkok’s indie scene and the amazingly gifted and wonderful people that makes Bangkok such a great city to explore life’s mysteries.

It is now ten years since Gig Groceries closed, since then many venues have come and gone.

Moose with many of the same people still in the scene still doing their thing is continuing the Gig spirit.

Until quite recently I thought that Gig referred to the Thai word gig, in English referred to as Fuck Buddy.
But it was originally gig as in a gig, a band playing together, later it adopted the double meaning.


365 NEW YORKERS, it's up!

Kazuko Miyamoto opened her gallery on 128 Rivington street on the Lower East side in 1986, she is an artist originally from Kyoto, Japan. Her dogs name is Shintarou. Gallery OneTwentyEight
Check out the my new tumblr website:

This is my tribute to the people in New York that makes this city so great.
I will continue to photograph and post one person every couple of days with their stories.
It’s about the New York spirit, someone who arrives from Haiti, Afghanistan, Iceland or Korea etc. and quickly makes this city their own.
That spirit and joy and enthusiasm and the creativity that it takes to survive here makes New York and its inhabitants my inspiration and love.



Haynesville Closing Party!!!

Photo Exhibition 'Haynesville' closing party on April 28th, 7:30PM at the Space in Klongsan Plaza Bangkok. 

The Space have a rare acoustic live presented by Panda Records same time.

My Post Life : Pok Stylish Nonsense 's solo project
Bear-Garden : Moulting Acoustic Set 
Gene Mahasamutr จีน มหาสุมทร
Plastic Section : Ben Basement Tape


Entrance: Free
We will have Japanese curry(100B) and Beer/Drinks.

More information at


New York Darkroom opens May 10th, KATA, Liquidroom, Ebisu, Tokyo


開催期間:2012年5月11日(金)-26日(土) 時間:月-金 11:30-19:00 / 土・日 イヴェントにより異なります
会場:KATA (*ex.Time Out Cafe & Diner / Gallery Space) [LIQUIDROOM 2F]
所在地:東京都渋谷区東3-16-6 LIQUIDROOM 2階

*オープニング・レセプションはTime Out Cafe & Dinerの3周年記念パーティーとともに開催致します。
日時:2012年5月10日(木) 19:00-24:00 会場:Time Out Cafe & Diner + KATA[LIQUIDROOM 2F] 入場料:無料
LIVE:MUNEHIRO(acoustic set)、eli walks DJ:MOODMAN(house of liquid)、

奔放で剥き出しな感性の写真家、ジェスパー・ヘインズがTime Out Cafe & Dinerに帰ってくる。 3回目となる今年は、80年代のニューヨーク・オルタナティヴ・シーンの狂騒とエネルギーをとらえた 写真展。ニューヨークが先鋭的でアバンギャルドの代名詞だった一時代を、ボヘミアン的に生きる当事 者の視点で切り取ったポートレイトだ。「ニューヨークとの恋物語」とジェスパーがみなす今回の展覧 会にはアンディ・ウォーホル、キース・ヘリングら、今や伝説となったアート・イコンも登場する。昼 は暗室、夜はバーやクラブで当時を過ごしたジェスパーにとって思い入れのある<ダーク・ルーム(暗 室)>を模した雰囲気の中、観客を彼のニューヨークに誘う。
オープニング・レセプションの夜から4日間はジェスパー・ヘインズ本人が在廊、ニューヨークでの エピソードを語り、来場者のポートレイトを撮影する。

A photo exhibition
New York Darkroom
Friday, May 11th – Saturday, May 26th, 2012
At KATA, LIQUIDROOM 2F, 3-16-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL:03-5774-0440

Raw, vibrant and spontaneous, Jesper Haynes is back with his third show at Time out café and diner, this time his photographs captures the turbulence and energy of New York’s alternative scene in the 80’s.
An insider’s portrait of bohemian life in an era when New York was synonymous with avant‐ garde and edgy. A number of the city’s legendary art icons, including Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, are portrayed in a show the photographer describes as a “Love story with New York City”.
The days where spent in the darkroom and nights with friends in bars and clubs, Jesper invites the visitor into his world, recreating the mood of his darkroom.
Jesper will be at the gallery from opening night and for the following three nights, telling tales about New York and taking portraits of visitors to the exhibition, a unique chance to see the artist at work.


Shibuya Legs! at Gallery 128 Anniversary show

25 Years anniversary group show
March 21- April 15, 2012.

128 Rivington street
(Between Essex and Norfolk)


Finally 50

When in Bangkok, my show is up at The Space, February 27- April 27, 2012.
50 images celebrating finally being 50!

if you want to come and check it out either join one of the Space dinners/events
or call me at 089-774 6535

Come and Get It! (February 10 - March 16, 2012) features the work of Alben, Daniel Arango, Ghost of a Dream, Jesper Haynes, Ted Noten, Rachel Bee Porter, Tom Sanford, Shelter Serra and Marie Vic, each of whom explores the intersection between popular culture, consumerism and art. While the artist's reference to popular culture is certainly not a new endeavor, the boundary between art and commerce has become increasingly faint. Inspired by bold and overt advertisements scattered throughout Manhattan, the title of this show further exaggerates the sales tactics used to seduce us into making an impulsive purchase. For the duration of this five-week exhibition, Hendershot Gallery has redesigned its gallery space by creating an exhibition design that mimics the retail experience.