Thank you all for coming!

Hi Jesper,

I stumbled upon gallery onetwentyeight today and I can't stop thinking about your exhibit. I can't stop looking at your photographs in your book I purchased. The life in the images oozes out of each one. I feel like I can hear the voices of the beautiful people in your photographs; like I can feel the touch of the skin on skin and the energy shared in each memory. I'm sure it sounds absurd, but your photographs make me feel like your memories are my own.

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for sharing your art. Yours aren't just portraits - they're storytellers and dreams that I wish I could have each night.



From New York show at Gallery Onetwentyeight

hi jesper --

i happened to stumble into your show down on (rivington?) a month or two

ago. looked a couple places for your book and they didn't have it but i just

found a copy at st marks bkstore! looking thru, and just so happy i found

it -- your photos are just so real & make me feel good about being alive and

excited to be in nyc.

take care,