Finally 50

When in Bangkok, my show is up at The Space, February 27- April 27, 2012.
50 images celebrating finally being 50!

if you want to come and check it out either join one of the Space dinners/events
or call me at 089-774 6535

Come and Get It! (February 10 - March 16, 2012) features the work of Alben, Daniel Arango, Ghost of a Dream, Jesper Haynes, Ted Noten, Rachel Bee Porter, Tom Sanford, Shelter Serra and Marie Vic, each of whom explores the intersection between popular culture, consumerism and art. While the artist's reference to popular culture is certainly not a new endeavor, the boundary between art and commerce has become increasingly faint. Inspired by bold and overt advertisements scattered throughout Manhattan, the title of this show further exaggerates the sales tactics used to seduce us into making an impulsive purchase. For the duration of this five-week exhibition, Hendershot Gallery has redesigned its gallery space by creating an exhibition design that mimics the retail experience.