Come to Moose, Bangkok, Ekkemai Soi 21, Friday April 5, 7.30 PM until late... Opening of my tribute to Gig Groceries and the Bangkok Indie Art and Music scene.

Moose has enough reasons for you to drop by on a Friday evening (Do we have to remind you of their happy hours?) but this coming Friday they will have something that will tickle your retinas too. It is ten years that Gig groceries closed its doors on us and while one can't but feel dismayed and broken-hearted when some of our most dear haunts leave us, we must always keep the memories, pack one’s friends and move on. If something can be said about Jesper Haynes is that his photography is truly soulful, and that it is very difficult to draw a line between his existence and his pictures, and that is the take he is giving us on Gig groceries. If you were ever there it will put a smile on your face. If you were not, you will wish you had. / Le Cool

12 years ago I came across a bar on Sukhumvit soi 16, its name was Gig groceries; it was love at first sight/taste, it became my favorite place to hang out in Bangkok.
It lasted little over 2 years but its impact is still with us today.

This is a tribute to Bangkok’s indie scene and the amazingly gifted and wonderful people that makes Bangkok such a great city to explore life’s mysteries.

It is now ten years since Gig Groceries closed, since then many venues have come and gone.

Moose with many of the same people still in the scene still doing their thing is continuing the Gig spirit.

Until quite recently I thought that Gig referred to the Thai word gig, in English referred to as Fuck Buddy.
But it was originally gig as in a gig, a band playing together, later it adopted the double meaning.